7 best cell phone accessories of the year

On December 20, 2013

speakersAs the year comes to an end, we can say it was the year of the cell phone. Great phones like the Galaxy S4, the Note 3, iPhone 5s and 5c all came out this year. But, what about all the amazing accessories that can be added on to this phones? Let’s take a look back at the best cell phone accessories of the year and what made them so great.

Touch Screen Gloves

Have you been in cold weather, pulled your phone out, and because you have gloves on, you can’t even unlock your screen? It’s such a hassle to take off your gloves, unlock your phone, and then put gloves on. It’s especially awful if you’re in the middle of a text conversation! Thanks to touch screen gloves, this is a thing of the past! You’ll be extremely happy that you invested in a pair of these gloves the first time you don’t have to take your gloves off to answer the phone or respond to a text.

Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation

This is the perfect all-around power pack! Not only will you be able to charge your phone, but you can charge your other tablets and phones, as well. What seems like just a little pack with no power can keep you charged for hours. If it’s just your smartphone you’re charging, rest assured that you’ll be able to charge it fully at least twice.


This one‘s for all pet lovers out there. Tractive helps keep you at ease with your furry friend. Just put the tracker on the collar and it connects with your phone’s GPS to let you know exactly where your lovely pet is. This little device will even light up at night to help you find your pet. The app that goes with this accessory will also help you keep track of all your pet needs, from vet appointments to medical information.

Elecom Charging Cases

Nothing is more convenient than a cell phone case that is also a charger. Chances are you already have a case on your phone. Why not get one that both protects and charges your phone? The Elecom charging cases also have a game on the back of the case. Consider these cases both fun and convenient.


This is the must have cell phone accessory for the health and fitness junkie. The Fitbit connects to your phone and tracks everything fitness related. It will track distance; steps, calories burned, and let’s not forget your actual active minutes. Fitbit also comes with a sleep tracker and a silent alarm that wakes you up during the lightest part of your sleep. It’s water resistant, so feel free to wear it all day and night. Fitbit works great on smartphones and tablets by Lenovo.

Wallet Case

Wallet cases are a huge hit this year, probably because of the convenience factor. It contains everything you need all in one. This holds your cell phone, credit cards, ID’s, and many more. Don’t think you can’t take pictures with it, because it’s perfectly positioned so you won’t need to remove your phone in and out of the case.

Jam Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

Listen to all your music in style whether you’re relaxing at home or working hard at the office. These wireless speakers can connect up to 30 feet away thanks to Bluetooth technology. Jam away with up to four hours of play time with these speakers and easily charge them back up with a USB cable. They are only two and a half inches tall and come in a variety of colors for you to pick your favorite.

All of these accessories are completely different, but are absolutely the best cell phone accessories this year. Whether you are into fitness, music, or just absolutely love your pet, there is an accessory that it absolutely perfect for you. None of these will break the bank, so why not get all of them?