A7 Processor From iPhone 5S Will Be 31% Faster Than The A6, 64-bit Architecture Is Not Excluded

On August 27, 2013

iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C are expected to make an appearance next month, but if we have already seen samples of their carcasses and internal components, hardware platforms are still enigmatic. Rumors say that iPhone 5C could be just like the current iPhone 5 repackaged in a housing made of plastic, and the flagship iPhone 5S managed to keep better secrets.

Like all previous generations of Apple phones, iPhone 5S is expected to debut with a new processor, in this case it’s about Apple A7 model. According to sources in the Fox News, the future A7 processor will be about 31% faster than the current A6 model, a figure that is oddly accurate and makes us believe that it is one of the data you will see at the presentation on September 10.

This jump performance does not tell us much, but given the way Apple calculates its performance, we can assume that Apple A7 is also a dual-core processor. Performance benefit could be brought, according to other sources, by the move to ARMv8 architecture, in a 64-bit one.

Introduced two years ago and materialized a year ago, when ARM revealed the Cortex-A53 and Cortex-A57 cores, ARM architecture of 64-bit addressing a larger memory benefit, double the SIMD registers for parallel processing, support for calculating floating-point and double-precision.

In this architecture were also interested all major chips producers like Samsung, NVIDIA, Broadcom, Huawei or AMD, Apple having no reason to stay away. If A7 is really a 64-bit processor and the first ARMv8 model implemented on a commercial product remains to be seen, previous rumors stating that Apple would have done such a model by 2014.

Finally, rumors say that the iPhone 5S will have a dedicated processor for Motion Tracking, which will be used by the camera, which has previously said it will bring some important news. Bottom line, Apple A7, Motion Tracking, a new camera and biometric fingerprint sensor is news of whose authenticity we will explain in a few weeks.