ABC rollsout live streaming on its iOS app

On May 14, 2013

Sometime this week, ABC is set to launch live streaming service via its Watch ABC app for iOS. The first to receive this amazing service will be satellite and paid cable subscribers in Philly and New York areas. This news comes less than two months after The New York Times reported that ABC was crafting up such a service. Indeed, ABC’s live TV on the go is a first in the TV industry.

ABC will avail the service via a “live” button found at the bottom of the app. It is also interesting to note that Hearst TV is the first of ABC’s live stream affiliate. ABC seeks to expand the service to six more cities come summer.

While it may take a while before this awesome service hits your zip code, it is clear that the service will act as an incentive for other networks to catch up and provide such a service of their own. Currently, Fox and CBS TV offer episode streaming through their mobile apps, but live TV on the go is a true differentiator.

Earlier on, Aereo had announced the expansion of its own live-streaming service, but the company is already deep into numerous lawsuits over copyright violations with other networks.