Absinthe A5 fulfils iPhone 4S, iPad 2 users’ dreams, untethered support for iOS 5.0.1 users

On January 22, 2012

Users of the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 users that have upgraded their devices to iOS 5.0.1 did have a few problems. These group of people were not able to jailbreak their iOS devices for quite some time because there aren’t any hacker that managed to get crack the code for Apple’s latest mobile operating system. As a result, many resorted into downgrading their devices and to those who did not upgrade, remained at the previous versions of the iOS.

However, the plague that surrounds the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S users are now lifted because as of date, Absinthe A5 managed to release an update which allows these devices to get untethered jailbreak. This particular jailbreak applies to the latest iOS version 5.0.1. Currently, Absinthe A5 is only available for Mac OS X computers although versions for Windows and Linux will follow suit in the future.

Absinthe A5 has fulfilled the dreams of so many iPhone 4S and iPad 2 users. However, Windows users will still have to wait until a version for that particular operating system is released. It may not be a long wait but those who want to get their devices jailbreak as soon as possible should definitely consider borrowing a Mac computer.