Adobe working on mobile Lightroom

On May 2, 2013


Adobe is working on some sort of Lightroom app for mobile devices, the company’s group product manager Tom Hogarty previewed an early version of the application on a recent appearance of The Grid, an online photography show hosted by legendary photographer Scott Kelby.

As a photographer I must admit I am personally really interested in an app for the iPad, not only would it enable me to work on my RAW images while on the go, furthermore it would allow you to sync your changes with your computer back home.

Here is a list of the features announced:

  • The ability to edit photos taken in raw photo formats, including Lightroom develop-module parameters like exposure, clarity, shadows, highlights, and white balance.
  • Cloud-synchronized editing so that changes made on a tablet arrive on the same photo on the PC.
  • The ability to zoom all the way to 100 percent for checking photo focus and details.

Adobe still hasn’t decided whether this will be a sold as a part of their creative cloud or if it will be an individual app.