All we know and what they say about the sixth generation of iPhone – Part 2

On January 28, 2012

Here you can see the part 2 of this article.


The current iPhone 4S was noted at the outset from its top performances on the processing and graphics, so the future of the iPhone is practically forced to leave the ramp with a configuration to match or exceed that of competing phones. Given that major manufacturers like Samsung, HTC and LG mobile devices already comes with quad-core processors, we expect the iPhone to give us the same thing.

But Apple’s strategy is not intended in quantity, so do not necessarily dream more than a quad 1.4 GHz or an impressive memory (most likely we will have 1 GB of RAM on the next iPhone). We expect, however, the optimal combination that defies the competition.

On the multimedia side, we could see a breakthrough implementation: Lytro sensor technology “Advanced Light Field”. This makes it possible to focus on any area of ??the image after we made ??the picture and, more importantly, without compromising its authenticity.

This rumor has recently launched a low degree of credibility, the main reason is the immaturity of this technology. But keep a dose of optimism you may have a surprise.

On the connectivity chapter is expected 4G/LTE support of modern high-speed networks. It is not excluded the NFC (Near Field Communication), through which we could make payments with your iPhone, and also a short distance data transfer.

As storage capacity, it will remain fixed. The chances of Apple to introduce a microSD slot are virtually inexistent. Stay tuned for part 3, it will be the last one.