All You Need To Know About The Official iPhone Unlock

On July 14, 2013

As you know there are several ways of decoding an iPhone, depending on the model, iOS version and firmware baseband. For iPhones 4 with baseband firmware greater than 04.10.01 can not be decoded by software or Gevey, only by decoding only official.

Let me explain what these decodings actually means. Decoding is based on IMEI’s, the unic phone code. This IMEI it is introduced in Apple’s servers which, after it was recorded, decodes the phone as soon as it was connected to iTunes. Decoding is permanent. This is the short version.

The short version applies to phones that are decoded by mobile operator from where it was purchased. For those who have locked phones on international networks is a different than. You might have noticed the various ads on websites from people that are official unlocking iPhones. These individuals require certain amounts of money depending on the network the phone is coded. These intermediaries actually use some servers that require a certain amount for decoding iPhones according to the network and country and put their commission.

How do these servers manage to put IMEI’s in official Apple database we don’t know, but as soon as we find out, you will be the first to read about it. I have my suspicions but it does not matter how they do it as long as they do.

To be able to officially unlock your iPhone at the server’s price without the need to give commissions to intermediaries, you will only need to have a card that you can make online transactions and a PayPal account. Transfer money in your PayPal account which is the safest method of internet trading. Then, depending on the network that the phone is coded search for servers on which the price is low. I used and and had no problems.

If you do not know what network your phone is coded you can use this tutorial to find out or at the cost of 1 Euro/$1 these servers can tell on what network your iPhone is coded.

I hope I managed to explain the situation with decoding your iPhone and I have been helpful with these explanations. If you have any questions please use the comments section.