Amazing Business Card apps at discount

On November 17, 2011

A concept that I found interesting is the exchange of information through two useful rings. When you shake hands and are at a close distance, they exchange “business cards” between two people. Information can then be viewed. Even if this is a concept, and one quite amazing, is an idea worth applied. I thought about our phones. We all have telephones and most already accept and may send business cards via Bluetooth. Applications exist to make this exchange of information as directly as possible. And how the internet is great I started to research and see who applied it.

We started with iPhone. I expected to have such an application because many programs and games already exist for this terminal. And the Internet has not disappointed me. For iPhone I’ve found that we can use Nameo. You can also find Nameo at a discount price. A program that when you keep close two phones and with the touch of a button you can exchanged cards.

Nokia disappointed me a bit. I searched a lot and I didn’t find much to exchange business cards. The Nokia send business card option is there, but this option is available only after enabling bluetooth searches for devices in the area, first one should start searching the other device in the area, connect to it, enter PIN and that’s it.

Instead, I found another useful application that scans through camera cards. And the best part is that takes the text from the card and inserts it directly into the business card, saving you the hard work to copy the information from the picture. The software is called Abbyy Business Card Reader. Besides this software, there is also Nokia Multiscanner that apparently does the same thing.

Last but not least, I found software that generalizes the scan -> text. The service is called scanR. Basically, take pictures from document with your phone, any documents: pdf, jpg, business cards. Then send them to scanR. You can then enter the site and he turns all the pictures in documents that you can edit and use. Even if we started from the idea of ??exchanging business cards, for me it would be an extremely useful application. I ca go to a conference, go to an event. See offers, collect information, price offers. Instead of staying to collect and read, make a clear picture and turn it on the laptop into a conference!