Another possible use for the new Apple Tablet

On July 31, 2009

The Apple TabletAs we all know, the Apple Tablet is being released in the fall.  The question is, why should you care?

You already own a MacBook Pro and an iPhone.  You have all the functionality there that the Tablet will likely possess.  Or do you?

The Tablet can run apps and play music, but it’s too large and awkward to be regularly used as an iPod or iPhone substitute.  It would be a better tool for watching video with its larger screen.  However, the Tablet has other unique properties.

The Tablet can take on at least two markets in its own right.  First, there is the e-book market that is epitomized by Amazon’s Kindle device.  The Tablet can be used to read books just like the Kindle or any other sort of e-book reader (and in color too).  But there is one other market that nobody seems to have mentioned.

The Tablet has a touch screen.  With that, the Tablet suddenly becomes a drawing tool for use in the artist’s market just like Wacom or any other number of drawing tablet brands.  Apple already dominates the artists’ market in terms of hardware when used with the Adobe suite.  If there are any graphic designers that use non-Mac tools, they are a very small percentage.

With other drawing tablets its tough to coordinate hand movements with the finished product because the art is on another screen.  With the Tablet, that is not an issue.  Drawing surface and finished product are the same place.

In short, if I were Wacom or any other electronic drawing tablet provider, I’d be very worried right now.