Review of Ringtone Designer Pro – Make your own awesome ringtones!

On October 14, 2010

Ringtone Designer Pro costs only $0.99 and allows you to take any song on your device and easily turn any part of it into a ringtone. You can do this with as many songs as you want and you can make them as long or as short and you would like.


The design of this app is great: it is so straightforward and easy to use, and there are no unnecessary options and features. All it can do it create ringtones, and it does this extremely well. The only option this app has is the option to fade into the beginning and out of the end of the ringtone, which helps smooth the transition so it does not abruptly end. However, you cannot set the duration of the fade but in my opinion the fade sounds very good.


The simplicity of this app is obvious the second you open it up, at which point you can do only one thing, and that is select a song to create a ringtone from. Once you select a song you are brought to the screen where you select the portion of the song you want to use. Dragging the blue region moves the area that is selected to become the ringtone, and dragging the two silver circles in either direction changes the length of it. Sometimes it can be difficult to drag the circles to the exact spot where you want it to begin and end, and therefore it sometimes may take some time to get that exact spot. Even if it does take some time, it is never more than a minute or two and is still a very simple process. Although its simple, it would be even better if it was easier to drag the sliders in smaller increments, or if you could type in the start and stop times so you can easily pinpoint the exact locations that you want. Here you also see the checkbox that you can tap to turn the fade on or off, and personally I think the fade sounds nice and I always use it. The play button plays the selection so you can make sure you are satisfied with the selected area, and can make any necessary changes before saving it. Once saved, you will not see your newly created ringtone anywhere on your device or in the app until you sync with iTunes to get the ringtone into the “Settings” menu. There is a video that you can watch in the app that explains the quick and painless way of syncing with iTunes to get the ringtone on your device. After you sync, you can freely assign your creations to contacts!


This is a great app that is absolutely worth more than the $0.99 they charge for it. Making ringtones using Ringtone Designer Pro is much quicker and easier than making them on your computer, is cheaper than buying them, and allows you to created them no matter where you are. The fade feature sounds great and adds a nice touch to it, and overall this is a fantastic app for creating your very own ringtones.