App Store passes 50 Billion downloads

On May 16, 2013


Yesterday Apple let the world know that they have reached 50 billion downloads in the App Store, in recent weeks has been counting down to the 50 billion marker, and now the website shows an iPad mini with the word “Thanks” written in FiftyThree’s popular Paper drawing app.

Apple hasn’t stated who the lucky winner is but the person is set to receive a $10,000 gift card to the App Store. Furthermore Apple will give $500 to the first 50 customers after the 50 billionth download has been reached.

Considering that the App Store was opened in 2008 this number comes really fast, in April 2009 the App Store reached 1 billion app downloads, the 40 billion download marker was reached in January meaning that 10 billion apps have been downloaded in less than 6 months.