App Update: iChalky

On October 28, 2008

iChalky is a simple app that never fails to make me laugh.


is a simplistic stick figure whose posture and behavior result from the mechanical constraints that define him. He consists of a set of 8 masses connected to one another through a series of damped springs with various coefficients. Gravity and instantaneous acceleration are estimated from your iPhone’s X and Y accelerometers and transferred onto Chalky’s virtual world.
Friction was further added to the edges of his frame along with some rudimentary stepping heuristics to give him a fighting chance to maintain his balance as you rotate your phone around or take him on the bus with you. You can also grab, stretch and throw him with your multi-touch screen if you feel he’s not getting enough abuse.
Chalky also thinks he can dance and he’ll start busting his moves if he detects music through your phone’s microphone… so crank up the tunes! Unfortunately you can’t use the iPod application on your phone as I couldn’t figure out how to make that work.

While the developer tries to describe Chalky, the only way to really understand it is to try it…

iChalky just got updated. In the new version, the top status bar was removed and the application will no longer go to sleep.

The new version also introduces a new "thumbtack" feature.

By far, however, the best feature can only be understood through this video…

Chalky can be found HERE in the App Store.