App Update: Note2Self 2.0

On October 2, 2008

UPDATED: Version 2.0 of Note2Self is live in the App Store now. You can get it HERE.

There are numerous apps that take voice notes (including Evernote and YouNote).  They work well, but because they are not dedicated voice note apps they are limited feature-wise. There are even voice note apps, such as Jott and reQall, that will transcribe what you say. Although they too work well, they limit your recording time to 15 or 30 seconds.

Then, there is Note2Self.

Note2Self is a powerful dedicated voice note app that is worth having EVEN if you use Evernote, reQall, or Jott (as I do).

Why?  Because as a dedicated voice note app, Note2Self work’s far better and faster than any other voice app I have tried.  With it, you can start a voice note just by raising the iPhone to your ear and end it by lowering the device.  This is a huge convenience.  Note2Self also compresses and sends voice notes faster than any other app I have tried.

Best of all, Note2Self version 2.0 is awaiting approval for release in the App Store and it brings the app to new levels –


– A Built-In WiFi Note2Self Server allows you to record and download nearly any size* voice note to your desktop (Mac, PC, Linux)
– Settings have moved into the application itself and redesigned (a HUGE convenience)
– Automatic Pause During Recording when Level goes below user setting
– Badge Count is now user configurable
– Support for Landscape mode and rotation (rotation disabled during recording)
– Awesome new Multi-Note Delete/Send user interface
– Now offers 3 Default Emails with Contact Pictures for sending email (those of us beta-testing the app requested it and Alex (the developer) delivers in a huge way!)
– Added ability to specify custom email during initial recording
– New Volume Bar
– Pause and Seek through your audio while playing
– Elapsed time while playing
– Improved Spanish Localization
– Many other improvements throughout the application

Unlike other apps, notes created with Note2Self are not limited by the app. In fact, it has been tested with audio files up to 200MB in size for both recording and downloading via the Note2Self Server.

Yes, I have been beta testing the new version of Note2Self, but I also use it on a regular basis and highly recommend it. I have even been using it with MacSpeech Dictate, in order to transcribe my notes, with a good bit of success although true on-the-fly transcription would be an amazing addition!

If you purchase the current version now, version 2.0 will be a free update when it is released.
You can get it HERE in the App Store.