App Update: Now Playing

On August 27, 2008

I love the fact that good apps are now being regularly updated so that they become even better apps. Case in point- Now Playing (aka Box Office).

The new update makes a couple of meaningful tweaks that make an incredibly useful app even better.

First, they have improved communication between the iPhone and the Now Playing server so that it works faster and better for everyone but especially for iPhones using an Edge connection.(Translation- it’s faster.)

Second, they added the ability to email listings to yourself and others. A small addition but a nice convenience.

Third, they added the ability to set specific theaters as "Favorites" so that regardless of your location you’ll know what is playing at your favorite theater even faster.

Finally, they made two other little tweaks by putting the theater after the movie title instead of before it and the added the option to turn off review scores altogether. (I love this last one since they were SO distracting on such a small screen.)

There you have it- It isn’t a major overhaul but these little incremental improvements really begin to add up.