App Update: Wide Email

On October 30, 2008

Among the most important time-saving utilities on my Mac, is a little application called TextExpander (TE). At its most basic, TE is about text macros, little shortcuts that let me type one thing into the keyboard and have the computer type a very different, and usually loner or more complex thing, on the screen.

For example, if I type my initials but double up on the first letter, TE inputs my email address into the text I am writing. If I type the initials of this website but double up on the "w", TE types the site’s url. It is a HUGE timesaver!

So having it on my Mac has made my life a lot easier. What about my iPhone, you ask? 

Well, WideMail was just updated to version 1.2 and a simple, but useful, version of this same functionality is part of it.

I updated my copy of the application, set up a number of these shortcuts, and started using it. How is it?

Apple NEEDS to make this part of the Mail app’s functionality! That is how good this is.

I can set up professional and personal email signatures, three different types of greetings, and much more. It is a huge time-saving convenience!

With WideEmail’s new Typing Shortcuts!

You can–

–Write whole words or phrases by typing only one or two letters.

–Customize shortcuts by adding, changing, or deleting a virtually unlimited number of shortcuts

–Make shortcuts for single words, sentences, or entire paragraphs

Unfortunately, WideEmail doesn’t offer an email address field until it has sent the new email text to Apple’s mail app. That means you cannot type someone’s initials and have their email address automatically inserted. It is a shame, since it means shortcuts cannot be set for specific email addresses. Now THAT would be a great feature.

Wide Email is available HERE in the App Store for $.99.