Apple Begins To Promote iOS 7 Matching Functions For Companies

On June 27, 2013

In the business segment, Apple is leading in terms of adoption rate of iOS and its devices, many large companies implementing these types of devices in their own departments. Offers several new features in iOS 7, Apple begins to promote the benefits of its operating system for companies and have listed it here. Strengths of iOS 7, as Apple says, are operating system security, ability to control applications and accounts that access the database, the option to use VPN connection only with certain applications, improving service email and more.

iOS 7 provides enhanced security, powerful new ways to configure and deploy devices at scale, and features to help businesses purchase, distribute, and manage apps with ease. Features including per app VPN, enterprise single sign on, App Store license management, and new mobile device management (MDM) configuration options are just some of the new capabilities in iOS 7 that provide more for organizations of all sizes.

Although these things do not matter that much for normal users, Apple is trying to keep its leading position in the business segment and implementing functions such squares interests of companies that have the money needed to buy hundreds or thousands of devices to give to their employees.