Apple boss was sued because the iOS 7 update

On October 20, 2013



Tim Cook has found itself sued because of a simple file. Most Apple fans eagerly awaited the appearance of iOS 7 and most enjoy Apple’s new operating system. We say most, because there are unhappy users with iOS 7 problems, many have tried to find solutions to the operating system bugs. But one of them never had the patience and sued Apple boss Tim Cook, CNET writes.

Mark Menacher filed a complaint against Cook because of a simple file. The American asks those from Apple to delete the iOS 7 installation file from all Apple devices that are in its possession. Menacher also requested symbolic damages of $50.

Tim Cook seems to cultivate a culture of disdain for Apple customers.

Menacher incriminated file is automatically downloaded to all devices that use iOS when connected to a Wi-Fi network. The file itself does not automatically download iOS 7, but asks users to make updates after every restart of the device. And the man accuses Apple that the file was silently installed, without his approval.

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He sued Cook at Superior Court of Justice in California. Menacher motivate its gesture that “Apple treats its customers with indifference regarding iOS 7”. “Steve Jobs was quite tough with his employees that he wanted any user of Apple products to be pleased with them. But Tim Cook seems to cultivate a culture of disregard for customer satisfaction. Solely follows the profit”, complains the Californian who is ready to go ahead with the process in the case of a negative decision.