Apple Could Implement A New Passive Cooling System To Its Devices

On June 19, 2013

Apple, Samsung or HTC would be just a few of the companies that would be interested in using passive cooling systems to their new smartphones and tablets, at least that’s what DigiTimes claims.

Asian publication says that these companies may implement in future mobile terminals thin pipes that could dissipate heat from the internal components and could save users the torment of using hot terminals. With a thickness of 0.6mm, these passive cooling systems will not allow thickness reduction of future terminals, and this is a problem that any producer takes seriously into account.

Smartphone players such as Apple, Samsung Electronics and High Tech Computer (HTC) have started showing interest in adopting ultra-thin heat pipes for their smartphones and are expected to release heat pipe-adopted models in the fourth quarter, at the earliest, according to sources from cooling module player.

Apart from thickness, these systems are difficult to produce passive cooling having a rate of only 30%, so neither Apple nor Samsung or HTC cannot afford to implement them because they cannot produce enough of the many components to be implemented in mobile terminals. Given that Apple devices are overheating, especially when connected to 4G networks, it is possible that in the future to see such technology implemented in them, but only to the extent that they will be suitable for devices.