Apple could lose its dominance in tablet market in the next six months

On December 1, 2012

Two and half years ago when it launched the iPad product, Apple has succeeded where Microsoft failed ten years earlier and took the lead detached on the tablet market. If on the phone market, Android has acquired supremacy since June 2010 and have never been caught, Apple dominated the tablet market. This position seems that it will not last very long either.

Figures released by ABI Research should not be new, IDC offering similar statistics almost a month. According to new data, the iPad product sales represented 55 percent of the total number of tablets sold in the third quarter of this year, a figure not far from the 50.4 percent of IDC statistics. Meanwhile, rival Android has gained a market share of 44 percent, the remaining percentage is divided by Windows tablets and BlackBerry OS. This decrease of 16 percent compared to performance in the previous quarter and is not the main event, but adjusting forecasts for the future development of the Apple market share.

Until now, the analysis gave similar predictions, saying that Android will overtake Apple finally as happened in the mobile phone market, but will be a slow ascent. Switching operating system Google top seller of tablets could arrive much faster on the 2015 – 2016 period, previously held by analysts, according to Finvista Advisors, can take place even in the middle of next year.

Android’s success is attributed to affordable tablets like Amazon Kindle Fire and Google Nexus 7 and the increasing success of more expensive tablets from Samsung, ABI Research also saying that iPad Mini does not seem to have the desired impact of Apple. What will happen, and what will be possible and the impact of new Windows RT models can be seen in the next six months.