Apple created or supported more than 600,000 jobs in Europe

On August 6, 2014


A few years ago, apple rolled out a new page boasting about the jobs it had either created or supported in the United States. This included over 300,000 employees directly connected with the company as well as more than 200,000 jobs that were a part of the App Store economy.

Now Apple has released similar numbers for Europe. The numbers are accompanied by the following text:

Throughout our history, we have created entirely new products – and entirely new industries – by focusing on innovation. This has resulted in nearly 630,000 European jobs at Apple and at developers and businesses supported by Apple. In addition, the App Store has created hundreds of thousands of jobs that previously did not exist in the European economy, enabling developers to launch new companies and earn $6.5 billion from App Store sales worldwide.

Of the 630,000 Apple states that almost 500,000 are related to the App Store economy, while the remaining 130,000 European jobs are directly related to the company as well as their suppliers and resellers.


Apple has also placed a lot of emphasis on their European headquarters in Cork, Ireland where the Cupertino company currently employs 4,000 people.