Apple Event Announcements!

On September 9, 2009

Well, other than the fact that Steve Jobs showed up to do the presentation, other items were as expected (sort of).

One of Apples devices got the camera, except its not the one your thinking about… nope, not the Touch, but the nano… in fact it seems it got more than just a camera, it got video recording capability!  Lots of other goodies in iTunes too, the update lets you share apps and music along your local network, a much needed interface update, and a really nice way to drag and drop apps into your device!  Here’s a few other highlights;

iTunes LP:  album-enriching feature for buying whole albums in iTunes 9, more rich media for music, like DVD content except done like mini websites.

Genius Recommendations for Apps!

Home Sharing: Includes App sharing on multiple devices on the same network.

New iTunes Interface

New Prices for iTouch 8/32GB Models for $199 / $299, new 64GB model for $399 (3GS Speed and Open GL ES), Shuffle Prices for $59 2GB, $79 4GB with New Colors.

New Video Camera for Nano!  8GB for $149, 16GB for $179:  FM Radio built in, Pedometer for Nike+, larger 2.2" display, a microphone, and speaker!  And of course, new colors.

So, no new tablet device yet, and unfortunately, no camera in the iTouch, but i have a feeling thats coming really soon!  What do you think?  Disappointed?  Happy with the new Apple products?