Apple Filing for Switchable Lens iPhone Camera Patent

On June 15, 2012

Camera plays an essential role in any iPhone devices. In fact, the device has seen a lot of improvements to its camera sensor since the time that it was launched, till the latest device which is the iPhone 4S. However, one simply cannot be contempt of the technology that is available and because of this, Apple if filing one unique patent and that is a camera with switchable lenses.

First of all, this has already been made available as an accessory whereby users can mount different type of lenses on top of the camera. However, this does not modify the camera as a whole but all it does is actually extending the usage of the camera that is present. This patent that is being filed however makes use of interchangeable lenses.

The approach that Apple is going with this is that the back panel of the iPhone can be flipped to change the lenses. In fact, the back panel will feature two different lenses on which are accessible by simply flipping between one end to the other. It is certainly a unique way of doing it but nevertheless a good approach to it as well. However, considering that the company is not a fan of removable parts, you might not see this technology in the near future.