Apple is accusing Samsung of copying technology from them

On February 11, 2012

Friday seems to be dedicated to solving legal problems concerning the patents and today Apple acted Samsung in court accusing them for the use of technology without the right to self-correcting and unlocking a mobile terminal. U.S. is the country where Apple protects its copyright and talking about no less than four patents that Samsung would have violated on its terminals.

The patents describe the technology of displaying correct words for users and the technology to unlock a mobile terminal whose screen is locked:

If we heard of the technology to unlock a handset in the past, this is the first time when Apple sued Samsung protecting a patent for the system of automatic correction of words. A court in San Jose, California, will decide if these patents were in any way violated by Samsung and if this comes true then Apple will be required to impose a ban on the sale of Samsung products in the U.S.