Apple Patents the iPhone with Curved Screen

On March 28, 2013

Apple seems to have big plans for future iPhones series. In the most recent application for patent, the company describes a curved-screen iPhone, which seems to surround the entire body of the phone.

Possible with the help of a new generation of flexible displays based on AMOLED technology, the design concept may introduce a new iPhone with almost unlimited functionality. Basically, instead of physical buttons we have virtual buttons that can appear anywhere on the sides or back of the phone as needed. For example, when opening media player buttons will appear to run track and volume, for the camera are given dedicated buttons of zoom and capture.

This will enable the construction of a perfectly smooth iPhone, with touch surfaces composed only of illustrated using AMOLED screen.

The patent application alludes to the presence of a facial recognition system and method for superimposing several semi-transparent screens in an ensemble that can induce various visual effects, including the appearance of a 3D environment. Among other things, the system could be used to overlay information over image displayed by the display in the lower level, building a kind of three-dimensional interface that seems to float above the main image.

Apple has several designs for housing based on geometric shapes. Devices could include removable caps, under which lies a union connector that allows multiple devices in an ensemble with extended functionality.

Another innovation is the way that interprets touch surfaces, distinguishing the commands which used deliberately touches that occur during handling the device. Apple describes a method for detecting orientation and location of housing suitable for displaying content using embedded cameras and facial recognition system. Based on that information the optimal distribution of touch surfaces is established, excluding areas covered while keeping the phone.