Apple Phablet Rumors And A Hands-on With The iPhone 5C

On September 6, 2013

Just days before Apple event on September 10 and we are still bombarded with rumors about iPhone 5C.

Would an Apple phablet delight you? New information began to circulate on the internet that confirms that people at Apple are not immune to market trends and is quite seriously flirting with increasingly higher sizes of the next iPhones. Even if the jump from 3.5 inches to 4 inches lasted five years, currently looks like it will take a lot less until we see the first Apple phablet. Sources close to the matter said that Apple is testing company laboratories iPhones with a diagonal of 4.8 to 6 inches. The latter is a diagonal kneeling even recently launched Galaxy Note 3. Apparently, the transition to higher diagonal will occur much faster under Tim Cook than took place under Steve Jobs. It remains to see if an iPhone with a large screen will be launched this year, which I do not believe.

In other news, the first hands-on with HD-quality began circulating on the internet along with the cheaper iPhone from Cupertino. Described in detail in the video above, the iPhone 5C is put alongside iPhone 5 and compared in all respects. Although I expect the plastic version to be much more massive compared to the iPhone launched last year, the dimensions appear to be similar and from above will be likely confused if instead of chrome edge would not see a plastic white.

If you do not like to trust rumors, think about the fact that there are only four days until Tim Cook will come on the scene to break all the dilemmas that we have accumulated over the past year across these phones.