Apple Started The Manufacturing Process Of The Cheap iPhone

On July 16, 2013

Like we’ve wrote a few days ago Apple will begin production of the iPhone 5S terminals earlier this month, but now we find that production of the Cheap iPhone would have started already. The terminal would be sold at a price between $300 – $400, that will not be quite as cheap as it is presented, at least if you are purchasing with a subscription because it could be offered for free with a subscription made with a mobile operator, a situation that is found in case of the iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 terminals.

He also says Apple has already begun production of its lower-cost iPhone, which he believes will sell for $300-$400, without a subsidy. At that price, it’s more a mid-tier phone, and “it will not be competitive in emerging markets,” according to Misek.

I knew for some time that the Cheap iPhone will not be so cheap even as various rumors presented it, I knew that the device will be available for a price higher than most analysts had expected, and Apple will not generate a lot of competition in its base.