Apple Starts A Trade-in Program For iPhones – Willing To Pay Up To $280 On A Device

On August 31, 2013

We said Tuesday that Apple will initiate a trade-in program that will give users the ability to change their old iPhones with new ones, with a discount on their purchase when they go to an Apple Store.

iPhones can be bartered only if the clients end also a mobile phone contract, and Apple does not intend to promote the new program even though employees are to notify customers who can benefit from it.

It seems that a maximum price offered by Apple for iPhone 5 devices would be of $280, but the average company will provide about $250 for a 16GB iPhone 5. Old devices like the iPhone 4 will get users between $120 and $140, a price far lower than that obtained in an auction sale on a website. Even so, the people at Apple will have enough people interested in this program and perhaps sales will increase accordingly.

So far the program is thought to be available in the U.S., so the chances of it being implemented in other countries are quite small now but I am sure that in a few months it would spread all over the world and people will be able to exchange phones.