Apple surprised by the incidents from Beijing

On January 23, 2012

Friday Apple tried to launch iPhone 4S in China but the launch was greeted by speculators who fight in front of Apple store, they began to throw with eggs in the store door and finally were arrested by the police that came to the location. The police decided to make those from Apple to postpone the launch of Apple iPhone 4S, which has happened because of speculators that represented a huge problem for everyone. The police decided that the launch can take place in safe and yet not know when it will be rescheduled.

About the incidents from China, Tim Cook said that his company was taken by surprise by the events and the future action will be taken to increase safety. When iPhone 4S was released in Hong Kong have been exactly the same problems when police were called to reassure the same speculators that came to fight in the front of the store. Since that incident, Apple would have to expect something similar in Beijing and take more drastic security measures. This did not happen, iPhone 4S was not launched and thousands or tens of thousands of people were left with a bitter taste.

Apple has a very big problem with these Asian speculators which unfortunately were not limited to their own country but send people in Europe or the U.S. at the launch of the Cupertino Company’s device. I do not think that Apple will solve the problem of speculators because they buy many devices and this could affect the credibility and image of the Company.