Apple TV Software Update 5.0.2 Released

On June 8, 2012

A new update is always welcomed, at least for those that don’t jailbreak their Apple devices. Nevertheless, a new update was released for Apple TV and this is Software Update 5.0.2 (also known as iOS 5.1.2). This update is meant for both Apple TV 2 and Apple TV 3 and for this particular update, it is of build number 9B830.

As of date, there are not known jailbreak tools that will work with this particular software update. That means for those that often jailbreak their Apple TV 2 and Apple TV 3, they might want to wait until a known jailbreak is released before upgrading to the Software Update 5.0.2 or risk losing their jailbreak status. For those that wants to immediately try the new update, then they can simply update their Apple TV by going to Settings –> General -> Update Software.

In other news, it seems that an analyst with Topeka Capital Markets stated that in September, there might be two “exciting” products that will be released by Apple. These two major products will be an iPhone and a mini iPad. Whatever it may be, it seems possible for Apple to do any of these but the September deadline might be a bit too soon.