Apple unveils OS X 10.8.4 with iMessage fix and Safari tweak

On June 6, 2013

Apple unveiled the latest edition of OS X for the Mac that provides great fixes such as eliminating the annoying bug, which caused the iMessages to arrive in a disorderly manner.

Besides, OS X 10.8.4 updates Safari to edition 6.0.5 that makes the browser stable for various websites with games and chat features.

The other fix is through compatibility improvements for various Wi-Fi networks. Moreover, with the Microsoft Exchange in Calendar, Apple has improved how Macs function.

With the current OS X release, FaceTime has some improvements. Initially, users had problems calling the non-US numbers but this update helps to solve this issue. Other small changes are:

  • A fix for the issue that might stop scheduled sleep after you use Boot Camp.
  • Enhances VoiceOver compatibility with the text in PDF files.
  • Corrects the issue where birthdays on Calendars can appear wrongly in various time zones.
  • A fix for the bug that may hinder the preservation of a desktop background picture after restarting
  • A fix of a bug that could hinder use of SMB to save documents to a server

The update comes very close to WWDC, in which Apple should preview OS X 10.9 that should bring out more distinct changes.

Users intending to obtain the Mountain Lion 10.8.4 can now update using the Mac App Store or by directly, downloading from the Apple’s support site.