Apple wins domain, Google releases Schemer app for iOS

On May 18, 2012

Trademarks have never been good and in the case of Apple against the owner of the, Apple emerges as the winner through a claim made to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). This has been reported by a lot of people as the claim changed from the status of “Case Active” to “Terminated” on WIPO’s website.

As of date, what used to be a discussion forum for the iPhone 5 now lies as a blank page. The domain name is also under control of Corporation Service Company which is holding the domain under Apple’s behalf. With this being said and done, Apple might be releasing the new iPhone real soon. It is also estimated that the next iPhone will be made available sometime this year although there is no actual release date of the phone made by Apple. Nevertheless, this is definitely an indicator that it might just be soon.

In other news, Google has released its Schemer iPhone App. Schemer is the company’s social activity service which is integrated with the company’s Google+ social network. Not much can be said about this application although it will take some time to see whether it will receive a well deserved audience or not.