Apple’s Q1 Earnings call by the numbers

On January 24, 2013


Apple Chief Executive Officer, Tim Cook, yesterday presented the first quarter numbers for Apple, he also discussed things such as Maps and Apple TV. 

Some of the interesting this that Cook said were among others Notification Center sent more than 4 trillion notifications, and iMessages sent over 450 billion messages (about 2 billion per day). The Game Center also has 200 million registered users, while the App Store is at 40 billion downloads (2 billion occurred in December alone). The company even sold 2 million Apple TVs during the quarter (up over 60 percent year-over-year).

Other notable numbers:

  • Apple sold 10 iOS devices per second in the quarter
  • Apple has sold 500 million iOS devices total
  • 12.7 million iPods sold
  • iTunes generated  $2.1 billion in revenue.
  • App Store now available in 155 countries
  • Apple paid $7 billion to app developers last quarter
  • 50 percent of all iPods sold were iPod touches
  • Apple returned $4 billion in cash to shareholders
  • Apple now has $137.1 billion in cash