Being Stylish with Cool iPhone 4 Cases

On September 5, 2011

Suffice to say that the Apple iPhone 4 is a phone that has one of the best designs in the market but some users may want to further accessorize the iPhone. What better way to do that than by getting iPhone 4 cases? It changes the overall view of the iPhone and in most cases, protect it while retaining a fashionable look.

iShoes Silicon Case for iPhone 4

We find that the iShoes Silicon Case for iPhone 4 looks stylish. Users can customize as to how they tie the back of the case. It comes with a lot of different colors such as white and green and if the shoelaces aren’t attractive enough, you can always go ahead and replace them with anything else that you want.

Twelve South 12-1110 BookBook for iPhone 4

Imagine having your wallet as the casing for your iPhone 4. Well the Twelve South 12-1110 BookBook for iPhone 4 does exactly that. You can keep your cash as well as your ID inside it. A word of advice though: don’t lose it.

Case-Mate iPhone 4 Fuel Lite – Battery Extender Case

Though the price tag may be steep at $59.99, the Case-Mate Battery Extender Case can save iPhone 4 users a lot of hassle as it doubles as an additional battery for the iPhone. No longer would there be a need to charge the phone twice to make it last for a day.