The best Anti-Theft System for iPhone.

On December 29, 2013


A smartphone is more than a smart phone that knows how to do many things at once.

It may be a personal agenda for you to get organized, can be the place where you store the most beautiful pictures and the most important documents, can even be a personal assistant.

The smartphone has become an important object in our lives in recent years, and if someone loses its mobile phone, the last thing they think about is the phone book.

An American claims to have found the best disguise for iPhone theft. True, this disguise only works when you are in an Irish Pub or a cottage, so it can hide in the decor.

He has dressed the phone in a case that mimics wood to perfection. White edges give the feeling of a piece of plastic forgotten somewhere, not a phone in the true sense of the word.

Quite a nice way to hide our iPhones, who knows, in the near future, the case could be a chameleon one, changing its colors depending on the surface where it stands.