10 Best iPhone and iPad Apps for Euro 2012

On June 13, 2012

Best Apps for EURO 2012

Everybody loves football and almost no one play it better than the Europeans (and Brazilians…). If you have the knack for football, then you certainly need to have some of the best apps that you can get for Euro 2012. This is because you might want to get as much updates as you would like. Here are some great iPhone apps that you can use for Euro 2012.


Official UEFA EURO 2012 app

Sometimes, you might just want the applications that are made by the organizers themselves. For Euro 2012, this is the app that you want to download. It is only 17.1MB in size making it a compact application for your iOS device as well. You can also watch interviews as well as the highlights that are available for the Euro 2012 matches. This app is available for free.


Carlsberg Euro 2012 App

If you want it free, then you need to get the Carlsberg Euro 2012 App. It is a great application that you can download for free. This 21.0MB app is available in Englhs, French, German, Italian and a few other European languages. Some of the things that it delivers include fixtures, news, live commentaries and a lot more.


Live Score – Euro 2012

You might already have heard of Live Score and the excellent service that it offers. The data comes directly from LiveScore.com which is the best place to go to for live scores and live group tables. In addition to that, you can also see statistics of the team as well as the summary of the games that have been played. It is also bandwidth friendly so you can be sure that you’re not using too much of your data plan as well.


Euro Finals from Betfair

Another great free application that you can get for Euro 2012 is the Euro Finals from Betfair. Although it may say the Euro finals, it covers pretty much the whole event. Because it is made by a renowned betting company, you can easily bet for your favourite teams. This application is available for all Betfair applications may it be new or old.


Four Four Two Stats Zone: Euro 2012

If you are an avid football fan, then Four Four Two might be a magazine that you have often heard of. The Stats Zone: Euro 2012 is an interesting one and it offers a lot of statistics as well as tactics on it. In addition to that, you can also see all of the necessary diagram and analysis from it as well. Like the rest, it is also available free of charge as well.


Caught Offside

While Caught Offside is meant for anything that is related to football and not just limited to Euro 2012, it is still a great application to have. You can get rumors, news, videos, in-depth analysis and so much more from Caught Offside. All of these are updated daily and regularly so you can be sure that you are getting some of the freshest news for Euro 2012. Like the other four apps, this one is also available for free.


Euro 2012 App

If you want an application that is tuned in specifically to Euro 2012, then this Euro 2012 App is the one that you can go to. All of the information about the matches are available in this application and is also updated regularly as well. You can also get live updates on the matches that are going on as well. However, unlike the other five applications, this one is available for $1.99 but its 4 ½ stars rating is certainly a good proof of the app.


Football Manager Handheld 2012

While not specifically meant for Euro 2012, it is still a great football game, especially if you are a fan of Football Manager. This is a game made by SEGA for the price of £6.99. It is definitely a good game to have to kill the time. However, its steep price may put off some people but then again, good games are definitely worth the money.


Sky Sports Live Football Score Centre

A lot of people may be familiar with Sky Sports and the updates they release for football. If you think these are newsworthy, then you might want to download the apps for free. It currently ranks an average of 3 ½ star from 40,400 people so you know that the app would most probably do you much good. It is also available for free so there is nothing much to complaint about the Sky Sports Live Football Score Centre.



This application isn’t specifically tuned to Euro 2012 but it does keep tabs on the competition. There are videos, news, commentators and a lot more that you can get through Eurosport. This 12.4MB app is available free of charge and you can even get editorial expertise updates as well from it.