BetterWiFi brings many other functions for wireless connections on your iPhone

On November 7, 2013


BetterWiFi is a recently released Cydia tweak that brings many additional options for the Wi-Fi settings of your iPhone.

Specifically, the tweak will allow you to put, for example, a filter for your iPhone to search and display only nearby Wi-Fi connections unprotected by a password.

Then, if you want to update the list of shown Wi-Fi connections, you can use the “Pull to Refresh” than to return to the previous menu and then access the Wi-Fi section again.

And the most important function of BetterWiFi’s tweak is that it can remove the limit of signal strength of Wi-Fi networks around you, so that you can also see those with a lower signal, within a greater distance from you.

These, and many other functions you can have if you decide to install the tweak called BetterWiFi in your iDevice.

Unfortunately, the tweak is not available for free, but it costs $1.5 and you can find in Cydia’s BigBoss repo.