Big Fat Lies

On January 14, 2009

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Developer’s Notes:
Big Fat Lies– The Fiendishly Deceptive Trivia Game?One statement is true. The other is not. Can you spot the Big Fat Lie??With over 1,000 statements on everything from science and entertainment to history, business, and sports, you have to decide which ones are false! Big Fat Lies will delight and deceive trivia buffs of all ages. Play with up to four players and see who can successfully navigate the labyrinth of lies and truths–or treat yourself to a rousing mental workout. Guided by a devilishly good-looking host and recorded before a studio audience, this game will mislead you, bamboozle your friends, and bewilder your enemies! (We guarantee that our" facts "are great for cocktail parties, whether true or false!)??Big Fat Lies is brought to you by mental_floss: Where Knowledge Junkies Get Their Fix (