BioScanner – Promo Code Giveaway

On January 14, 2009

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Developer’s Notes:
BioScanner is a fun application to use with your friends. Using sci-fi images and sounds, BioScanner appears to turn your iPhone or iPod touch into a people scanner.??Have fun scanning your friends and then showing them the result of the scan. BioScanner will show either a good result or a bad result for the scan. The words for the results are set using the configuration screen. We’ve included some words to get you started, but the really cool part is you can enter your own words and make it appropriate to the person you are scanning – it will really amaze them!??Here’s the secret part – You can specify which result BioScanner will show. By using the accelerometer in your iPhone / iPod touch, you can choose whether BioScanner will show a good result for the scan, or a bad result, or let it randomly choose for a true surprise. You simply tilt the device to the left to show a good result, tilt to the right for a bad result or leave it level for a random result. A box at the top of the screen when scanning will confirm the position by moving to either the left, the right or middle. Nobody will know that this box is controlled by you and so will think the result is determined by the scanner!??BioScanner features:- Fun searching and scanning animations with sounds- Accelerometer control for you to set the result of the scan- Configuration screen where you can choose the words BioScanner will show, or even set your own! Please note: BioScanner is a fun application which doesn’t actually scan people!