BitMonster action thriller from Lili developer coming soon

On July 15, 2013


BitMonster came to the spotlight with their very first game, Lili. It quickly became a sort of benchmark game with adorable graphics and even made it to the Apples’s official ‘Top 10 wow Games for iPad’.

BitMonster is taking a huge turn from picking flowers to shooting brains out, as they release new teaser screenshots. The first news of this unnamed game, came way back in February, when they tweeted the below picture.

Now another screenshot has been tweeted with a promise to reveal more details this week. Smells like a launch is nearby.


Though nothing is clear from the above screenshots, we can make out the likely scenario. An utterly devastated city with hostiles swarming around. You are equipped with some heavy ammunitions and equipments in this dark age. Graphics is undoubtedly effect and of top quality.

It seems to be the perfect recipe for an FPS game. But we can’t conclude anything until things are made official. We will update you as soon as something pops up. So, keep in touch.