Want To Buy An iPhone App Making $66k Per Month?

On October 13, 2008

WhereToSmall.png Today, one of the more significant players in this nascent iPhone development industry has announced its break-up. TapTapTap, jointly founded by Sophia Teutschler (creator of CoverSutra) and John Casasanta (of MacHeist fame) was set up to bring together top iPhone talent to develop ultra-high quality apps for the iPhone platform. Due to significant differences in opinion between the founders, however, TapTapTap is breaking up (although the brand will be retained by Casasanta).

As part of this digital divorce, Teutschler and Casasanta agreed to sell their biggest hit – Where To, a “place of interest” app that uses the iPhone’s GPS. On the app, Casasanta says:

Basically, Where To had gross sales of around $200,000 in the three months that it’d been available on the App Store. […] We’re now seeking a buyer for Where To and its assets. We’ll be selling it all to the highest bidder and Sophia and I will be splitting the amount we get for it. […] So if you’re looking to get your hand into the iPhone app game without having to start from scratch and you have some money and time to invest, here’s your chance.

With strong revenues like this, I doubt the app will be going particular cheap, but if you have a little to invest and you want to jump several runs up the iPhone development ladder in one go, it’s worth getting in touch with them.

Casasanta says that “full details” including “complete financials” will be coming soon, so keep an eye on their blog.

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