Cat vs. dog iOS game “CAT-a-tonic” now in the App Store

On May 21, 2013

“CAT”-a-tonic is a cat vs. dog game that can now be found in the App Store. Indie developer Mike Thomas, who hails from Canton, Georgia, has drawn inspiration from the hostile dog-cat relationship.

Constant battles are waged every day by these house pets and even if they may not involve paw swinging, barking, or hissing, they are ever jockeying for position. The dog, being larger, is always at an advantage. In “CAT”-a-tonic, years of being attacked and chased by the larger dogs have finally made the cats fed up. They unite and go on the offensive.

You’ll have to choose one side: cats or dogs; Offense or Defense. There’s a Bone vs Yarn battle and if on defense, you’ll be able to protect your base with laser power. If you choose offense, you get cannon power.

Any dog lover or cat lover is sure to love “CAT”-a-tonic, as will game lovers. Perhaps this is thanks to the realistic physics animations and graphic explosions for the not so fortunate dog or cat. You can download the app on iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch with at least iOS 6.0.

“cat”-a-tonic – Cat vs Dog game, an all out battle [iTunes link]