Choosing the right earphones for iPhone 4

On August 23, 2011

The iPhone first started out as an iPod and it had progressed to what it is now: a high-tech mobile phone. Nonetheless, the iPod feature is still available and is widely used by iPhone users all around the world. Music is best heard at its top quality and one of the ways to do so is to get the right earphone for the iPhone.

Klipsch IMAGE S4

At a price below $75, IMAGE S4 may be one of most solid earphones that a user can get. With around 425 5-stars rating given on Amazon, not many earphones can top it off. It offers excellent sound and was rated as outstanding in CNET reviews.

Shure SE425-V

Shure is known to produce premium quality earphones and the price does reflect it in many good ways. Noise isolation on the SE425-V is stellar and it offers rich sounds for anyone that listens to it. At a price of $299.99, not many people may want to get a hold on this but if they do, expect great results from the Shure SE425-V. A mic is also available as an additional accessory should the user wishes to get a hand on one.


Maximo might not be a name familiar to many but the iM-590 is nonetheless a contender to many good earphones at around $50. Users reported hearing excellent sounds from the MAXIMO iM-590 and definitely felt that the money spent was well worth it.