Chupamobile Raises $1.3M in crowd funding round

On August 26, 2014



App source code marketplace ChupaMobile just announced that they have raised $1.3M, through a crowd funding round, the company offers a platform for devs to sell the source code for their apps & games.

We have long been fans of the company and are happy to see them reach this milestone. The London bases company’s mobile marketplace currently hosts more than 1500 templates. The platform is offered at developers with little or no programming skills, they can then cheaply purchase a stock app template, make a few tweaks, throw in a few ads, and release the app on iOS and Android.

Read the full press release below:

Chupamobile Raises $1.3M To Let Everyone Get In The Booming App Business

Chupamobile is the leading marketplace where everybody can buy and sell iOS and Android professional app templates ready to be customized and distributed on the App Stores.

London, England – August 18, 2014. Chupamobile, the one-stop destination for anyone dreaming to launch an app or a game, announced today that it has completed a $1.3 million crowdfunding round through in 20 days since the launch. The funds will be used to support the growth and expansion of the Company.

Thousands of apps and games have been built based on Chupamobile templates and have been published on the App Stores; Chupamobile has democratized the app business with an easy and effective app creation model, allowing everybody to build his or her own app portfolio from scratch in a very short timeframe. “We allow people to enter the booming app business in a fast and efficient way. Now, everybody can become a successful “Appreneur”, from developers to people without coding or design skills. We provide everything they need to get their app or game published in the app stores and to start monetizing from day one”, says Stefano Argiolas, CEO of Chupamobile.

With more than 1,300 app and game templates listed and an ever growing community of over 100,000 users, the company is rapidly expanding and is already changing the app business from the inside. Paolo de Santis, Co-Founder of Chupamobile, asserts: “With more than 1,000 apps a month published by our users, our impact on the App Stores is considerable”, and gets excited when he claims that “over the last months, some of the apps based on Chupamobile templates have reached the top of the App Stores charts all over the World. Their success is indeed ours”.

“Analyzing the fast-growing $70 billion App Industry, we realized how more and more people dream about launching an app or a game even if they have no coding or design skills. With Chupamobile, everyone has the opportunity to buy professional app and game templates and get them customized and published on the App Stores ready to be monetized”, says De Santis. Furthermore he adds: “With over 2.3M apps available nowadays on the market, ROI is the biggest obstacle app publishers are facing. Our app and game templates make them save 90% of development time and costs. Chupamobile has the capacity to solve some of the main difficulties “Appreneurs” are dealing with”.

The Chupamobile model is profitable not only for app publishers but also for developers as they can earn money by licensing their app projects unlimited times. Executive Chairman, Fabio Pezzotti, explains that “Chupamobile authors have sold app and game templates for over $1 million so far. The best of them cashed in up to $30k in only one week after publishing their work on Chupamobile”.

Backed from well known angel investors from U.S. and Europe, the recently closed financing round has been raised in crowdfunding in only 20 days. The new funds will be used to accelerate the penetration in key geographical markets, build new features and services for both developers and marketers, increase  the catalogue, and expand the team. Chupamobile’s mission remains to build the largest marketplace dedicated to serve all the needs of app developers and publishers around the World.

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