CONFIRMED: iPhone Announcement Date September 12

On September 5, 2012

The sacred date has been set as Apple had announced an event which will be held on September 12. For those that have been unaware of what September 12 is all about, it is the day where Apple will be announcing its latest upgrade to the iPhone family, the iPhone 5. It is expected that the iPhone 5 will sport a taller profile as compared with the current iPhone 4S and there has already been a lot of leaks about its details as well.

The event that is being mentioned will be held in San Francisco and a lot of people have already gotten invites to it as well. For those that is also waiting for the mini iPad to be released, you might need to wait a bit longer because it is expected that the aforementioned device will be announced at a later date.

Tim Cook has mentioned that further information about the next-generation iPhone will be kept secret even more than what it already has been today. Until announced by Apple, you most probably won’t be getting much update from now onwards. But then again, with than less a week to go, it isn’t much long of a wait anymore.