Dexim Dual Dock Charger – Review

On March 18, 2009

We just got our hands on Dexims New Dual Dock Charger.  The fact that we have 2 iPhones in the house makes this item something thats actually going to get used quite a bit.  Over the last week, this has been the case and it has worked flawlessly.

Simple to use, the Dual Dock comes with 8 different fittings ranging from various iPods to the iPhone (the only one that doesn’t work is the iPod shuffle).  I also like the LED light that goes on when you put something into the charger.  The blue glow makes it easy to see your phone / ipod at night in case you need to take it off the charger  (although its really bright and could almost act as a night light).  The only thing this dock is missing is the attachment to your computer in case you wanted to sync.

At $44.95, this isn’t the cheapest charger available, but the ability to charge up 2 of my devices at the same time is definately nice.

You can pick one up at