Discovr Apps helps you discover new applications from App Store

On June 15, 2011

Discovr Apps is a new application in the App Store launched yesterday to help us discover new and interesting applications through an intuitive interface.

Note in the above image as the application developers and the system thinking goes something like this: look for a application or click on one of those promoted by the developer and for the chosen application will be displayed several other similar applications/further applications made by the same developer that works in the application you selected. Apps Discovr create links between the application of your choice and allow other applications to extend functionality of the application selected in the image having demonstrated a connection between the Camera + and Instagram that allow sharing of photographs taken on the iPhone.

Apps Discovr is probably one of the best applications that help us find the application and for a price of only ‚Ǩ0.79 I think it’s worth trying. The application works under a special algorithm that creates connections between applications chosen by us and displays the best suggestions available on App Store. The description does not specify that the application would require an Internet connection to run and this is probably a big minus because the application works using a database that will be updated with new applications launched in the App Store.

Discovr Apps is created by the team begin Discovr Music app (top 1 in over 28 countries)