On January 14, 2009

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Developer’s Notes:
Done is not just another To Do list. Done is all about the joy of getting things done.??When Apple introduced the iPhone many people thought the lack of a built-in To Do list was a glaring omission. Since then various contenders have stepped up to the challenge and tried to fill the gap but, we’ve always felt, with limited success. Some are too simple, some too difficult and some just plain ugly.??This is where Done steps in – it’s the ToDo list Apple might have made – the ToDo list for the rest of us.?What it is.?Done is an innovative task manager with some unique features that make it easy and more importantly, enjoyable to use. We’ve taken advantage of the iPhone’s abilities to create a To Do list like no other:?Shake to sort – shake your phone and your list is automatically sorted – important items at the top, completed ones at the bottom.?Wallpaper – Done has a unique’SnapShot’feature which captures your most important tasks and saves them to your Camera Roll so that you can set them as your wallpaper. This means that every time you turn your phone on you can see what needs doing at a glance – without even starting the application!?Landscape mode – rotate the phone 90 degrees to access the powerful delete function – pressing a button has never been so satisfying.?Sound effects – checking items off, sorting lists and deleting items are all accompanied by pleasing sound effects.?Done gets the balance just right – not too simple – not too complex. There’s no contexts, tags, locations or due dates – just beautiful prioritised lists of things to do. The intuitive user interface means there’s no learning curve – you can get started instantly.?Done is the next best thing to having iCal’s To Do list in your pocket.?What it isn’t. There are plenty of very basic To Do lists out there – Done isn’t one of those.?There are some incredibly powerful, complex (and expensive) GTD tools available. Done isn’t one of those either – try Things or OmniFocus instead.??Overview Create multiple, color-coded lists. Add items to your lists and assign priorities.?View lists individually, but more usefully, as a combined master list – all your tasks sorted by priority. Shake to sort. Rotate the phone into landscape mode to mass delete all the tasks you’ve completed. Done remembers which view you were working with last so you don’t have to!