Download Astrid Task Manager Android App apk

On February 20, 2013

Getting things done is becoming pretty hard these days due to distraction caused by the social media and technology. If you’re spending a lot of time in front of the computers or tablet or on the phone then prioritize your tasks is very important these days. In such case task management or to-do list apps can be handy for you. Astrid is one such task management tool that can help you get your work done without having to configure much of the app.


You can Download Astrid Android apk from Google Play store. This app is free to download and you get to use a lot of features which are often found in some of the pro version of the software. It also lets you sync the tasks with the web version of the app. In order to use that feature you have to sign up at their official website weloveastrid.

User Interface

When you open the app you get to add the task and set the priority for it. It doesn’t get any cluttery no matter how many tasks you add in it. When you set the priority and then arrange the tasks, It lets you know how much time you are doing particular tasks and when next task should to be started. It guides you like an assistant and keeps you notified about the task. Once you completed the task, mark it and then Astrid will not bug you anymore for that.

Task Configuration

Adding a new task, setting a reminder for it and then editing the old and new task is very easy. The interface being less cluttery makes it easy for you to add, remove and manage the tasks. The timer feature is also handy if you’re sticking with daily tasks list.


When you set a future task based on a date in calendar, It also lets you sync the task with the Google calendar. It is very handy this way because if you ignore the notification from this app, you can get notified by Google calendar.


The notification for the tasks runs as a service in the background and it pops up at specific time set by you. There is a widget that remains in the background for the reminder tasks. You can also set the reminder as per your preference in reminders section.

Though this app is handy for managing goals and daily tasks, there are some quirks of this app. It doesn’t let you add the task from Google Calendar to this app so it works only one way. Task editing also has it’s limitation which makes it hard for you to manage tasks. Astrid also takes a lot of system resources and It also has delay while shutting itself down.

Like any other app, Astrid has it’s pros and cons and If you know about the shortcomings already you get to use the app more effectively later.