Download Camera360 Android apk

On January 31, 2013

Android phones with the high resolution lenses are quite common these days. You don’t have to pay for the expensive photo editing apps in order to touch-up your photos. There are plenty of Android apps that can help you add effects to your pictures. Camera360 is one such app which lets you modify the images at free of cost. This app not only lets you add the effects but you can use the app to take pictures in variety of background styles.

You can Download Camera360 apk from Android store. This app is available in two versions. In default mode this app runs in lite mode and for more features you can purchase Pro version. The pro version has few more features that you can try if you are interested in more of professional output. In that case version upgrade does make sense. If you don’t use too many features then free “lite” version is perfect for you.

When you open this app you’ll be greeted by the option of choosing either Pro version purchase or Lite version mode. You can choose lite if you don’t want to buy the app. From here app lets you choose the type of camera, effects and other modes that are needed to take a better picture.


As camera360 app lets you set the effects before you take the picture, you get to focus on the shot instead of after effects that you think while using most of the other apps. The camera modes and the effects mode that you set in the beginning will decide the type of output for your images.

Do you like instagram style pictures? You can always use the retro option in effects in that case. Do you like Japanese canvas style images? Simply choose that option. Note that as the English is second language for the developers, you may find a bit hard to pronounce names for the options and effects. In future I hope the translation becomes more clear. This is the only issue with this app.

I personally find camera360 app very useful for some of the retro and Japanese style canvas images. You can do a lot of effects with this app with it’s built in modes. If you do a lot of professional image capturing then maybe this app will help you for sure. In such case it is worth upgrading to the full version. At the end, free or paid, this app is worth checking out for your photo needs.