Download Galaxy Pool Android Apk

On January 25, 2013

Character guiding type of games are fun to play If there are interesting challenges in it. Galaxy Fun is one such game that has some interesting challenges to solve. Though It may not be too fast with challenges like other games but It has some decent levels that makes you think while playing the game.

You can Download Galaxy Pool Android Apk from Google Play Store. It is free of cost game and considering the replay value, It is worth downloading this game. It may not be as addictive like angry birds but it definitely is good game in it’s own way.

Gameplay: You are guiding a spaceship to the houseplant. You have to check all the obstacles and then make sure that ship reaches the destination. If you fail to avoid the obstacles then you lose the game. Controls require you to guide the ship through the obstacles. You have to adjust the angle in such a way that ship reaches the destination avoiding some obstacles.

There is a Go button at the bottom which you’re supposed to hit in order to increase the velocity and to guide the ship. You can also swipe the button in later levels to adjust the velocity but game makes you comfortable for using it as per each level. If the ship goes in either side in the space, you’ll go into the void. So you have to be very careful with the velocity of the ship.

Crowded Galaxies makes it harder for you to navigate the ship. The velocity of the ship will even make it harder to get ship towards home planet in such case. Your chance of earning more stars will be challenged in these levels. So make sure you get as many stars as you can to unlock the levels. Though while focusing on the stars, make sure you don’t fall into void. This is where you have to careful play each level without losing many stars in the path.

Graphics: Nothing fancy graphics for this space game. You’ll find game has typical spacey feel and the menu and other graphics not relevant to the space theme. I found that Galaxy Pool a bit off on graphical side.

Sound: Game has decent sound and nothing annoying in the background. You can play it by turning off the sound as well.

Galaxy Pool is an excellent game based on the sliding and the tapping gestures to solve challenges. It definitely has the replay value on the basis of it’s challenges.